Blonde d'Aquitaine cattle

Blonde d’Aquitaine cattle

Blonde d’Aquitaine cattle were one of the first continental beef breeds to be brought into Ireland. The breed originates from the Aquitaine region of South West France.

Blonde d’Aquiatine cattle are made up of the Blonde des Pyrenees, the Garonnais and the Quercy. Originally popular as draught oxen, Blonde d’Aquitaine cattle subsequently gained a reputation for their good beef and milk production.  Today, they are one of the most popular beef breeds in France and their numbers are continuing to grow each year. Indeed, it may not be too long before they overtake the two most popular beef breeds in France; the Charolais and the Limousin.

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This is a hardy and adaptable breed and one which is thriving in America, Australia, Canada and all across Europe. It is also widely used for cross-breeding in Eastern Europe and South America.

Blonde d’Aquitaine cattle characteristics

Blonde d’Aquitaine cattle have a short coat which is usually fawn-coloured. They often have lighter pigmentation around the belly, eyes and muzzle. Some strains are naturally horned while other bloodlines are polled.

Blonde d’Aquitaine cattle are a moderately framed breed. Cows reach around 775 kilos in weight, mature bulls around 1,000 kilos.

The breed is known for its excellent calving. Numerous studies have shown that calving in this breed is easier than in Charolais, Hereford, Limousin and Simmental. When bred to Friesians the birthing statistics become even more appealing. At birth, Blonde d’Aquitaine calves have little muscling, long bodies and smooth shoulders, so the experience is far easier on the cow. Unassisted birth rate numbers bear this out.

Alongside their very good foraging skills this breed converts feed to weight at an excellent rate. The meat is well-marbled, tender and very tasty. The carcass has a low fat percentage.

This breed is also known for its docile temperament. Blonde d’Aquitaine cattle are easy to work with.

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