Brahman cattle

Brahman cattle

Brahman cattle (sometimes referred to as ‘Brahma’) is an Indian breed which is now most commonly found in America, South America and Australia. Brahman cattle can thrive in high temperatures and high humidity.

The breed developed in America through different strains of Indian cattle. These were primarily the Gir, the Gujarat and the Nelore. Today, Brahman cattle are often used in crossbreeding programmes. Notable successes have involved the Angus, (to produce the Brangus) the Hereford, (to produce the Braford) and the Simmental (to produce the SimBrah).

Although some dairy farmers have used Brahman in crossbreeding programmes with dairy breeds, the Brahman is considered to be a beef breed.

A history of poor quality food, (and supplies) exposure to parasites and pests and the extremes of weather in India has culminated in a hardy, long-lived and adaptable breed.

Brahman cattle facts

The thick skin of the Brahman is difficult for insects to penetrate. Their short hair is thick and glossy which helps to reflect the rays of the sun.  Brahman cattle also have plenty of loose skin and a high number of sweat glands. These traits help to explain why the breed does so well in hot climates. During harsh winters, the Brahman grows an additional coat to combat the conditions.

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Brahman cattle characteristics

Brahman vary in colour from pale grey to a red / black. Their prominent hump and muscular appearance is highly distinctive. Bulls are usually a darker colour than cows. Brahman cattle have horns which curve upwards and large, drooping ears.

This is a medium size breed. Cows weigh around 500 – 600 kilos, bulls around 850 – 900 kilos. Calves have low birth weights of approximately 28 kilos.

Brahman cows

Brahman cows make good mothers and can reproduce regularly well into their teens. Cows produce milk under conditions deemed to be adverse for many European breeds. They are docile and easy to handle.

Brahman cattle grow quickly and can utilise lower quality feed. They finish early for good beef production. Carcases are high yielding –  low in fat and high in muscle content.

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