British White cattle

British White cattle

British White cattle are one of Britain’s oldest breeds. The breed originated in Lancashire and is descended from indigenous wild white cattle. The first Herd Book was published back in 1919.

British White cattle owe their survival to a handful of large estates. Back in the 1860s, the breed suffered terribly in the cattle plague. Indeed, there were only 7 herds recorded in 1918 – a grand total of 131 animals. However, the formation of the Rare Breeds Survival Trust coupled with the efforts of the British White Cattle Society has led to a healthy rise in numbers. Today, British White cattle are no longer listed as a rare breed.

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In the early herd books much is made of the milking properties of the breed. Indeed, detailed records are given of individual performances! Today, British White cattle are used as a dual purpose animal. They can be found in countries as far afield as America and New Zealand.

British White cattle weight & characteristics

The British White is white with black or red points on the muzzle, the nose and around the eyes and ears. They are naturally polled.

It is a large and hardy breed. Mature bulls weigh around 1000 kilos while cows weigh up to 650 kilos. Calves achieve good growth rates at weaning.

British White cattle temperament

Cows have a docile temperament, calve easily and are excellent mothers.  British White cows incorporate the nursery system of a guard cow, so that protection is offered by an animal while the remainder of the herd grazes. While other breeds can exhibit this quality, it is something that is highly developed in the British White cow. British White cows can be used as a sire and will give heifers of any breed an easy first calving.

British White cattle milk & meat

Alongside being excellent milk producers the breed is also known for its beef qualities. Finished steers and heifers produce an excellent carcass. The meat is flavoursome and a great texture.

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