Hammett’s Dairy visit to the Cows.ie farm

Hammett’s Dairy visit to the Cows.ie farm

We were delighted to have Andrew & Elizabeth Hammett visit the Cows.ie Farm for the 5th time to pick their dairy cows for their farm in Devon, Hammett’s Dairy Farm.

Andrew Hammett, David Clarke, Elizabeth Hammett on the Cows.ie Farm


Andrew & Elizabeth arrived here on the 4th March to pick their animals.  They were looking for quality dairy in calf heifers.


They wanted well-grown Friesians or crossbred heifers with good fertility & milk solids from a grass based system.


Check Elizabeth out on Instagram, it’s well worth a follow to show the daily life of dairy farming. Very interesting & funny.  https://www.instagram.com/hammettsdairy/

Hammett’s Dairy Farm is also on facebook https://www.facebook.com/Hammetts-Dairy-393367404365181/

Selecting a good Dairy Cow

A good dairy cow should have a wedge shape, long neck, and good width between fore legs, wide pin bones, broad muzzle and strong straight backline.

The classic dairy character is indicated by sharpness across shoulders and slight general leanness all over the body ending with a thin fine tail.

Click here is see how we source & select animals for our farm

Here are some photos selecting the heifers of our farm here
Elizabeth & Andrew selecting
Andrew & David













On a lighter / funny note all farmers check the cows udders (behind) So if you see a farmer doing this, it’s quite normal!

Andrew Hammett


After the animals are selected they are isolated and prepared for export, the vet came to check them and they are export tested. Now Andrew’s and Elizabeth’s heifers are ready to be shipped.

Our truck is washed, clean and prepared as per department of agriculture requirements.  The truck is lined with a fresh bed of clean straw.  Fresh water and feed is provided on the truck for the comfortable journey to Devon.

Incalf heifers leaving Cows.ie

Have a look at our video with Kristie Ward & Nicola Murtagh loading the heifers for Devon at our Cows.ie farm.


Heifers arriving at Hammett’s Dairy

Here is the incalf heifers arriving at Hammett’s Dairy in Devon United Kingdom.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cc6kyYmt-Hs[/embedyt]


It was great to have Andrew & Elizabeth visit again this year and we hope to see them again in the not to distant future. We thank them for the continued custom.

Elizabeth Hammett, David Clarke, Andrew Hammett


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