Lincoln Red cattle

Lincoln Red cattle

While the early history of Lincoln Red cattle is a little vague, Gervaise Markham praises the quality of Lincolnshire cattle in a book which was published in 1695. Originally known as the Lincolnshire Red Shorthorn, this breed of cattle was one of the most popular in England in the 1920s.

Lincoln Red cattle history

Lincolnshire Red Shorthorn cattle were the result of cross breeding York Shorthorns and cherry red Durhams with draught animals from Lincoln. At the beginning of the 1900s, Lincolnshire Red Shorthorns were being exported to over a dozen different countries around the world. By the mid 1900s work was well underway on the polling of the Lincoln Red. The trend for polled animals continued and in 1960 ‘Shorthorn’ was dropped from the breed’s title.

Originally a dual purpose breed, today Lincoln Red cattle have all the essential characteristics of a beef breed. During the past 40 years continental breeds have grown in popularity in the UK and this has impacted on the numbers of Lincoln Red cattle.

Lincoln Red cattle facts

Lincoln Red cattle are a deep cherry red. They have a short face and a reasonably large frame. The breed is an excellent converter of roughage into meat and is renowned for its rapid live weight gain. Lincoln Reds adapt well to different grazing and climatic conditions. The Lincoln Red has been successfully exported to countries such as Argentina, Canada and South Africa.

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Characteristics of Lincoln Red cattle

Lincoln Red cows are docile, hardy and calve easily. They have a good milking ability and cross well with any breed. Lincoln Reds are no longer horned and this is another genetic trait that endears the breed as a terminal sire.

The meat is marbled making it tender and full of flavour.

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