Maine Anjou cattle

Maine Anjou cattle 

Maine Anjou cattle (known as the Rouge des Prés in France) originate from north west France. The Maine Anjou is the result of crossing Durham cattle from England with the Mancelle from France. The resulting breed was named after the Anjou and Maine river valleys.

Originally a dual purpose animal, today breeders of Maine Anjou tend to focus on its high quality meat. That being said, the breed is often milked in France.

Maine Anjou were first imported into Canada and America in the late 1960s. It is continuing to thrive in these countries.

Maine Anjou pros

The breed is quick to fatten and well muscled. They are excellent beef producers. The meat is well marbled and flavoursome. Maine Anjou are large cattle. Cows can reach a weight in excess of 850 kilos. Bulls weigh 1000 – 1400 kilos. Their size and fattening ability make the breed a popular choice in cross breeding programs. This is a docile breed.

Maine Anjou calving ease

Maine Anjou make good mothers and calving is easy. Mothers produce good quality milk, so calves are well nourished and reach high weaning weights.

Maine Anjou characteristics

Maine Anjou are usually dark red with white patches. The white markings are normally present on the head, tail, rear legs and underside. More uncommon are black or roan variations. The breed can be horned or polled.

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