Our Services

Our Service

We are renowned for supplying high quality stock to our customers. As experienced farmers, we appreciate livestock and specialise in matching the needs of our customer to the available stock.



We are always keen to facilitate our customers and the selection process can be tailored to suit specific needs and timescales. Our customers typically use one of the following options: ​

1) We ensure that the specific stock requirements are available within our network of supplier farms. The customer meets with us, views the available stock and makes their own selection. Transport, airport pick-up, hotels etc can all be arranged ​

2) When customers are not available to travel for selection we can supply video footage of the suggested stock from which the customer can make their own selections​

3) Many of our loyal customers provide us with their specific requirements and our highly experienced team select the stock on their behalf. ​​We have our own trucks and our highly experienced staff ensure that the livestock is well looked after during transit