Livestock For Sale

40 High Ebi, calving Feb-March
15 Pedigree registered, Avg EBI 140, calving Feb, all by ai
Herd of 20 cows, calving Feb
16 Fresh calved heifers
10 Robot trained fresh heifers
21 Fresh calved young cows
12 JeX and purebred Jersey fresh calved cows
4 Fresh calved JeX
High EBI spring calving heifers
Selection of high EBI bulls
28 Spring born weanlings
Our excellent customer base ensures constant demand for female dairy stock from heifer calves to older animals. We are continuously sourcing stock to fulfill our orders. Call or email us with particulars of stock which you have available for sale.

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Cows.ie – David Clarke Livestock Lunestown House, Loughnavalley, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath, Ireland, N91 WNW2 info@cows.ie +353 44 935 6200

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