Design & Planning Process

Let us help you with farm design and planning

David Clarke Livestock has a wealth of farming knowledge and expertise. Our highly experienced team can help with all aspects of farm design and planning.

Farm Site Visit

The journey begins with a meeting on the site where the proposed work is to take place. Here, ideas and plans for the site can be discussed. A site survey (if required) can then be conducted and options and ideas for the new development informally chatted over.


Based on the site visit, a draft proposal will be prepared. Usually, this is ready within a week. A further meeting will then be arranged to discuss and confirm the design proposal for the site.

Planning process

Once the site proposal has been confirmed and approved, the official planning process commences. Our aim is to remove as much of the stress as possible. Members of our team specialize in agricultural based planning applications. Their knowledge and experience is invaluable. A comprehensive understanding of the planning process enables consistently high planning approval rates with various county councils to be achieved.

The final design proposal will be submitted to the relevant local county council. The planning process from initial contact to construction start date is usually around 4 months. That being said, if further information is required it can add a considerable amount of time onto the construction start date. Always apply in good time.

Tender drawing

A tender drawing can also be provided. This can be used to obtain quotes from builders before or after planning is approved. A sensible budget can then be put in place.

For further information, please get in touch.