Fleckvieh cattle are now one of the most popular breeds.

Fleckvieh cattle

Fleckvieh cattle originated in central Europe back in the 1800s when local stock were cross-bred with Simmental cattle from Switzerland. The aim was to produce a breed with excellent muscling and good milk production. Today, the dual purpose Fleckvieh is suitable for both meat and milk production and is firmly established on all continents.

Fleckvieh Ireland

David Clarke Livestock has long-standing relationships with a good number of farms in Austria and Germany which breed top quality Fleckvieh. Our focus is on high class heifers and cows which are then delivered directly to farms across Ireland and Europe.

Fleckvieh cattle characteristics

The Fleckvieh has the ability to reach outstanding milk and solids production levels. The average production for the Fleckvieh breed now stands at around 6850 litres with protein at 3.43% and butterfat at 4.13%. Fertility is also very good.

Fleckvieh cows

The calving interval stands at 380 days, so they are very suitable as a block spring calving herd. Females calve easily. The cull cow will average 400 kgs dead weight.

The Fleckvieh is renowned for its excellent beef production and the meat is well marbled and tender. This is a hardy and adaptable breed able to thrive in different climates.

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Fleckvieh cattle for sale & many other breeds

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