Farm Planning Permission

Farm planning permission Ireland timescales

Farm planning permission in Ireland takes up to four months. Sometimes, the need for further consultation with the planning authorities can delay matters. In these instances, farm planning permission could take up to six months. The key is to allow plenty of time. Apply early to be ready to benefit from the new TAMS II grants. Remember, proof of farm planning permission or exemption from planning is required before a TAMS II application can be made.

Farm planning permission normally lasts for five years. However, sometimes the planning authority may reduce this to three years.

Exemption from planning
If a proposed development does not require planning permission, we can apply for an exemption certificate. We will submit a set of drawings, (such as OSI maps or farm maps) showing the location and size of the proposed development to the county council.

It usually takes six weeks for the planning authorities to come back to give the exemption cert, (providing it is exempt). If the authorities rule that it is not exempt, planning permission will need to be obtained.

Reasons for denying exemption

An exemption application can be denied for a number of reasons. These include the proximity to streams, roads, rivers, monuments and/or dwelling houses. There is an €80 charge to make the exemption application.

If you require help with farm planning and design or obtaining an exemption certificate, please get in touch.