About Cows.ie

Cows.ie - David Clarke Livestock - Established 1991

Cows.ie – David Clarke Livestock – We are an Irish based company with over 30 years experience specialising in providing a full solution for the supply of high quality livestock to customers in Ireland, across Europe and many other countries.

We offer a full advice and selection service to our customers and pride ourselves in providing a seamless solution for the importation and exportation of high quality livestock.

On our 400 HA farm in Ireland we are farming in excess of 1,000 head of dairy stock ensuring a consistent supply of quality dairy cattle for our customers.  We also purchase dairy and beef stock from our extensive database of farmers in Ireland to provide a wide range of options to suit our customers specific system requirements.

We have housing facilities for quarantine of 1000 adult stock and up to 5000 if required.

Our company also partners with a specialist team to provide farm yard and farm design, which ensures we can offer the full suite of services to our clients anywhere in the world


Grass Based
British Friesian, NZ Friesian and Jersey X

Intensive / High Production
Holstein & Holstein Friesian

Dairy Cattle
Ayrshire, British Friesian, Brown Swiss, Dairy Shorthorn, Holstein, Jersey & Guernsey.
British White, Danish Red, Dexter, Simmental,
Kerry, Red Poll, Norwegian Red, Rotbunt & Welsh Black.

Dual Purpose
Fleckvieh, Montbeliarde,

Beef Cattle
Aberdeen Angus, Aubrac, Beef Shorthorn, Belgian Blue, Belted Galloway,
Blonde d’Aquitaine, Chianina, Charolais, Devon, Galloway, Hereford, Highland,
Limousin, Longhorn, Maine Anjou, Parthenais, Piedmontese and Salers.

Once the dairy cattle have been selected, we can arrange transportation and ensure that the livestock are well looked after during transit. Animal welfare is a top priority for us. Our stringent procedures meet all Department of Agriculture rules and requirements. Our drivers are fully trained and certified in the movement and needs of the livestock. All our trucks are EU approved.

We offer Quality, Excellent Service & Availability

  • All types of dairy stock available
  • In Milk, In-Calf and Maiden Heifers
  • All animals have high health Status
  • Competitive pricing