How to achieve high milk production? "From Heifer to High-Producer"

 Mon, 6th Mar, 2023

The video below showcases one-year-old dairy heifers and highlights the importance of this stage in the development of the udder for future milk production.

During the one-year stage in heifers, the mammary gland begins to develop and grow in size and structural complexity. 

How to achieve high milk production in cows

Proper nutrition is essential for optimal mammary gland development. During this critical stage, proper management and nutrition are essential to ensure that the udder develops correctly (growth and development of mammary tissues) and is capable of producing high quality milk in the future. Read about the benefits of TMR.

Adequate energy intake is also important to maintain a proper growth rate. The importance of proper management and nutrition during this stage cannot be overstated. If the udder does not develop correctly, it may not be capable of producing milk at an optimal level. This can impact the profitability of a dairy operation. Additionally, poor udder development can lead to health problems such as mastitis, which can have a significant impact on the health and well-being of the animals.