Fleckvieh Auction October 22nd 2022
 Tue, 6th Sep, 2022
Our first load of in calf fleckvieh heifers being loaded in Austria.

Tullamore Show 14th August 2022
 Wed, 10th Aug, 2022
Come visit us at the Tullamore Show

New Keenan MechFiber+ 380
 Wed, 6th Apr, 2022
After many months of deliberation we have decided to purchase the a new Keenan MechFiber+ range...

25 High Quality Calved Heifers
 Wed, 30th Mar, 2022
We are delighted to offer to you 25 high quality calved heifers from John & Thomas Stone Hallstone...

Feeding cows due to calve
 Wed, 9th Mar, 2022
Cows due to calve soon being fed late to slow down calving at night time and encourage calving...

Fresh Calved & In Calf Heifers
 Mon, 7th Mar, 2022
Great groups of in calf and calved heifers and cows available. Call Or text Alan for more...

New Polaris RANGER
 Thu, 3rd Mar, 2022
Thanks to JF Hanley Groundcare for supplying our first #PolarisRANGER ! We are looking forward...

New born Jersey Crossbred Calf
 Mon, 28th Feb, 2022
Lovely Jersey crossbred heifer just calved here on the farm

New Milk Silo
 Wed, 23rd Feb, 2022
The arrival of our milk silo this afternoon to the Farm. Many thanks to the Intercool...

Preparation for Storms on the farm
 Wed, 23rd Feb, 2022
With the last week being very stormy and another storm on the way, we have to be well prepared...

Livestock Delivery to Kosovo
 Tue, 8th Feb, 2022
It’s off to Kosovo for these in calf heifers through the Charity group Bothar

Quality Livestock for Sale
 Wed, 2nd Feb, 2022
We have a great selection of in calf heifers & cows & fresh calved heifers and cows. British...

Slurry 2022
 Tue, 1st Feb, 2022
It has been great weather for slurry application. We are applying it at 1500 gallons (6800...

Fleckvieh & Shorthorn Auction Highlights - 22nd Jan 22
 Mon, 24th Jan, 2022
We had a great day with the online Auction, with 100% clearance. We would like to thank and...

Beef cattle for sale
 Sat, 11th Dec, 2021
Alongside dairy cattle, David Clarke Livestock also source and supply beef cattle

Understanding cattle terminology
 Thu, 9th Dec, 2021
Commonly used cattle terms and terminology explained in this simple guide

Great day on the farm - 100% clearance
 Wed, 3rd Nov, 2021
We had a great day here on the farm with 100% clearance on the day ! We would like...

Fleckvieh On Farm Auction
 Wed, 13th Oct, 2021 is delighted to announce our upcoming on-site & on-line Fleckvieh Auction on Saturday,...

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